What is a body soufflé and why should I use one?

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Now the culinary challenged among us most likely have had plenty of disaster stories when cooking soufflés, images of a drooping centre and a fast following ego springs to mind. Well for once this body soufflé may even meet the high standards of Michel Roux himself.

First things first, although this may smell good enough to eat and our ingredients are entirely plant based we wouldn’t recommend you eat this body lotion!

Now that’s cleared up.. You may have seen our new Body Soufflé on the website and wondered what on earth is a soufflé and what does it have to do with my body and skincare routine? Well after a number of questions about this unique product we decided to put some information together to clear things up.

What is a Body Soufflé for my skin?

In the simplest terms possible this is a very light moisturiser that can be used from head to toe. In comparison to many other creams, lotions and body butters you will find it fluffy and easily absorbed without a greasy thick feel. These properties make it the perfect summer moisturiser for those hot sweaty days!

Who is our Body Soufflé suitable for?

This all natural skincare lotion is perfect for both men and women with its citrus and cinnamon aroma. It can be used on both dry and oily skin types being so light and easily absorbed. You can apply the lotion all over your body and it is ideal to apply to dry or sensitive areas.

glowing beach skin

When should I apply it to my skin?

This moisturiser is designed to be used at any time on problem areas, from your hands to your feet it will be easily applied leaving you with a fresh aroma and super soft skin.

What makes Byron Bay Body Soufflé special?

The skin care soufflé has been created with the purest all natural ingredients. Beautiful cinnamon oil, macadamia, cloves and chia seed oil have all been blended to create a plant powered super boost for glowing skin. Its light texture makes it very easily absorbed and will leave your skin feeling soft and renewed.

Don’t just take our word for it, give it a try and let us know what you think! Let’s be honest, it’s always going to turn out better than our kitchen soufflé attempts! Here is the moisturising Body Souffle 

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