Is there Child Labour in your soap

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Couple of days ago very sadly I read an article in the “Times” who reported Child Labour is being used to manufacture Palm Oil.  Which is an ingredient used to make Toothpaste and soap.  These children are being made to work in extremely dirty and unsafe conditions and of course being paid a pittance. They report children as young as eight years are being exploited by WILMAR INTERNATIONAL which is a large agriculture commodities group based in Singapore.

Amnesty has stated nine companies including: Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser who are British consumer goods groups. Other companies include Kellogg’s, Colgate, Palmolive and Nestle who is the world’s largest food company. Amnesty is calling on these companies whose combined turnover was £260 billion to boycott such practices.  Popular products such as Magnum Ice Cream, Colgate Tooth paste and Dove Cosmetics are strongly urged to stop using the Palm Oil made by this company.  Needless to say the companies involved are stating they will investigate and if found to be true will cease to trade with such suppliers.  What I ask is  “why this was not checked at the point of placing the orders?”

Children are being exposed to pesticides not to mention being made to carry 25 kg sacks.  Wilmar have indicated they have undertaken an investigation into this matter since Aug 2016 which is ongoing.  Yet there seems to be no mention of this practice ceasing at once.

This is the prime reason our skincare range is made in our own factory in Byron Bay with full accountability ensuring environmental appropriate, socially beneficial care is practiced at all times:

Our manufacturing facility is a state of the art purpose built (and Cawarra owned) filling and production facility having six filling lines and large scale batching capability. Our production is suited from large production of 100,000’s of unit runs to small batch sizes of 1,000 units in bottles, tubes, or jars. Our facility has been independently audited, accredited and certified with:

ISIO 22716 Cosmetics-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
ASEAN Guidelines for Cosmetic Good Manufacturing
ACO Australian Certified Organic Processor 11690 (Government Approved)
OFC Organic Food Chain Processor 0482 (Government Approved)
COSMOS Organic & COSMOS Natural Accredited Processor (EU)
USDA organic certification on selected products
UK Vegan Society
Australian Made Campaign
Choose Cruelty Free
NSW Sustainability Advantage Program


Also all the ingredients we use are fully traceable to the actual farm gate.  Only recently a well known skincare brand had to re-call 15,000 tubs due to contamination in a packing plant. Don’t be fooled by glossy pictures please take the time to research how and where your cosmetics are made, you will be surprised what you will find. 

Make our future bright, shape our future right "Stop Child Labour"



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